We work with clients to simply get important marketing strategy, tactics, analytics or routine process work done – and to remove obstacles to help sales teams deliver their volume and profit objectives without unwanted surprises. With over 35 years industry experience, our skills are primarily in the Software, Enterprise IT and Internet industries; ones where everyone is busy, and fundamental business model changes that will affect everyone are working their way through this side of 2018. Areas of focus can include one (or a mix of) producing compelling materials to:

  • reach new quality prospects for your organisation
  • to sell more products or services
  • to more customers
  • more often
  • and at higher margins (higher revenue and/or lower costs)
  • Even routine analysis work, like:
    • the expected effect of vendor rebate changes
    • or to work out a competitors pricing strategy
    • or to do any analysis/reporting work that your workload doesn’t otherwise give you time to finish thoroughly
  • at all times, observing the moral code and managerial style/ethics from 17 years service at Digital Equipment Corporation

We’ve also had experience to:

  • radically improve email response rates for Conference, Training and Newsletter distribution to 24,000 medical professionals worldwide
  • following a change of ERP system, to provide nightly reporting to improve DSO cash collection performance
  • to mix quote and sales systems data to discover clients showering the company with work but not money
  • to map out key performance trends for top vendor relationships, to highlight both success and challenges to overcome
  • to successfully implement tactics during a price war, growing business and doubling margins at the same time
  • to monitor and constantly improve advertising spend – lowering new acquisition costs to 1/6 that of a key competitor and minimising churn

While most of the experience is of a Managerial and Operational nature, we are also technically adept enough to both self-serve from data sources and to know what is technically valid or not! Technical Experience includes:

  • Amazon AWS Business Certified, and actively deploying apps on Google Cloud Platform and Digital Ocean
  • Power user on Microsoft Excel, 5 years experience using Tableau Desktop Professional Analytics
  • Equally at home on Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X, iOS and Android. Serial early adopter of new devices and trends. Registered as an Apple Developer (early stages).
  • Recent “with Distinction” Coursera Certifications in “Gut Check: Exploring your MicroBiome”, “Introduction to Genomic Technologies”, “Python for Genomic Data Science” and “Command Line Tools for Genomic Data Science”. Likewise Google “Making Sense of Data” Certification using Google Fusion Tables.
  • Operational experience securing and deploying WordPress Network on Digital Ocean Cloud Linux instances
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Sales Certified on Platform, Middleware, Virtualisation and Storage
  • MongoDB for Python Programmers, MongoDB for DBAs Certified (both 100% marks with Distinction)
  • Historically VMware VSP, Citrix CCSP, Novell SUSE Sales Professional certified
  • Experience of Mailchimp, SQL Services Reporting Services, Google Analytics, Google Adwords along the journey
  • Further details of experience (and IT/Internet/Mobile business trends) can be found at www.ianwaring.com

Based in Goring, Reading, UK, but available to assist anywhere in the UK (or beyond) as needed. Please contact Ian Waring at ian.waring@software-enabled.com

Freemason Lodges

One of our projects was to assist the recruitment of new Masons and to highlight the good works of Masons in the local community.

Software Enabled Services produced, hosted and maintain a Wordpress Network of Lodge Sites.

Each site is pre-populated ready for customisation and works seamlessly on mobiles, tablets and PCs of all sizes automagically.

Do you want a web site for your Lodge? If so, Click here for details.


October 2017

Serverless Applications

In order to keep Datacentre and Client Software skills current, we are developing modern Serverless applications on Google Cloud Platform. These employ Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL and Django (on Python 3); client side uses MaterializeCSS.

One project is currently undergoing early "Minimum Viable Product" development.