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Ian Waring

Ian Waring

Interim Product & Vendor Management, providing succinct trends, data, coaching, evangelism and tools to help IT Sales teams crush their sales targets.

Adept at using my IT skills to self-serve data from any SQL database and to use Tableau or Excel based analytics on the result. Then to understand the key dynamics of the business, to spot opportunities to improve revenue and costs – and where requested, to work with staff to enact the result.

Historically manager of Operations, Vendor Management and Product Marketing teams in Market Leading IT, Enterprise Software and Internet companies.

I have extensive knowledge of the Enterprise IT Industry, its various business models and the routes to market used. I’m perennially popular with sales as I fix problematic foundations, then engineer consistently target-busting performance, both through a direct salesforce and via third party distribution channels. An experienced Senior Manager, I nevertheless retain up-to-date Cloud, Linux, Windows, Mac and iOS technical knowledge.

Please feel free to download my summary CV (just click on the page image):

Ian Waring One Page CV

Can I help you? A longer (two page) version is available on request. My contact details are found here.