A list of the podcasts I consume regularly, to keep up with latest High Technology related news and trends. My favourite ones are Exponent, The Gillmor Gang and Steal this Show – two out of three of which I pay for. I also pay for Medium to give me my early morning reading; it’s about the only way of getting quality journalism these days.

A(16)Z Podcast from VC firm Andreessen Horowitz: http://a16z.com/tag/podcast/

Amazon AWS Podcast: https://aws.amazon.com/podcasts/aws-podcast/

Exponent with Ben Thompson and James Allworthhttp://exponent.fm/

Gillmor Gang: https://techcrunch.com/video/gillmor-gang/

Google Cloud Platform Podcast: https://www.gcppodcast.com/

Open Source with Christopher Lydon: http://radioopensource.org/

Pivotal Conversations: https://blog.pivotal.io/channels/podcasts-pivotal/pivotal-conversations

Steal this Show: https://www.patreon.com/stealthisshow/posts

Techdirt: http://www.techdirt.com/

The Talk Show with John Gruber (normally over 2 hours each week, Apple focussed): https://daringfireball.net/thetalkshow/

This week in Google with Jeff Jarvis (90+ mins – Wednesdays): http://twit.tv/twig