Wessex Lodge 50734

Rehearsal 8th November

Tonight we meet to rehearse for our next Regular meeting, which is to be a double first degree. We’re looking forward to welcoming two new members of Wessex Lodge.

Oktoberfest 2013

Hants Oktoberfest - Beer Tent

Basingstoke Freemasonry well represented at Hants Octoberfest 2013 by Light Blues Club members

Basingstoke Oktoberfest 2013 was well attended by members of the Light Blues Club (representing Masons from all five lodges in Basingstoke). A cheque for £40 was presented in the name of Wessex Lodge to the Hampshire & Isle of Wight 2016 Festival.

Pictured above is WBro Chris Vickers, WM of Oakley Lodge 694

Meeting 10th October

Minutes have been circulated to all members. I’m delighted to report that the raffle held at our Festive Board raised £240, which is to be donated to Loddon School.


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Here are a few words from our current Master:

Dear Members and Visitors,

Welcome to the Wessex Lodge website! 

Please feel free to look around and enjoy this site. You may also be interested in our Provincial website for further information on Freemasonry in the Basingstoke and Hampshire and Isle of Wight area: http://hiowmasons.org/.

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Yours Sincerely and Fraternally

WBro Andrew Mason – Master of Wessex Lodge 2013-2014

Loddon Lodge 8223
Next Meeting
Third Degree December 12, 2013
Look forward to seeing you there!
Wessex Lodge 50734