“There was only one person in that room who

knew what he was talking about. Hire him.” 

Bill Gates, Microsoft


Software Enabled Services Ltd is Ian Waring’s company. I love systems and data and what they can do to achieve significant business benefits for customers I work for. I’m a fanatic about working out what customers need and how we can deliver it fast, efficiently and with no unwanted surprises. A full range of Business Operations, Marketing and Business Improvement experience – where i’ve helped people like you – can be found here.

My background is as a technically Savvy Manager of Product Management, Vendor Management and Operations teams in Market Leading IT, Enterprise Software and Internet companies (among them Digital, Demon Internet, BT Global Services, CCD and Computacenter). One of a rare breed of someone with Senior Management experience in organisations of all sizes – with some spectacular results – but who’s retained (and uses) his up-to-date, hands-on IT technical skills too. 

I’m also an experienced Senior People Manager.

I don’t play politics, don’t crawl all over org charts, just ensure my Manager and their customers succeed beyond all else. I operate a no-blame all-in-it-together learning culture and I talk to everyone. I remain a Black belt on Excel and Tableau for Data Consolidation, Analysis and Reporting where needed. See the “Ian Waring – Problem Solver” presentation for more examples of how I can help YOU.

I’m technically self taught on many software products (eg: Linux, Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, Python, CSS, JavaScript, Polymer Web Components, Firebase, Django, Microsoft SSRS, VS Code, GitHub, WordPress, etc). I’m very much Internet and Cloud native (with Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean). Keeps me up to date!

Own VAT registered Company, available for interim assignments. Besides all the Management credentials, technical skills include:

  • Running a heavily secured Linux WordPress network for several customers and one charity
  • Amazon AWS Business Certified, and actively deploying apps on Google Cloud Platform and Digital Ocean
  • Power user on Microsoft Excel, 5 years experience using Tableau Desktop Professional Analytics
  • Equally at home on Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X, iOS and Android. Serial early adopter of new devices and trends. Registered as an Apple Developer (early stages).
  • Various “with Distinction” Coursera Certifications in “Gut Check: Exploring your MicroBiome”, “Introduction to Genomic Technologies”, “Python for Genomic Data Science” and “Command Line Tools for Genomic Data Science”. Likewise Google “Making Sense of Data” Certification using Google Fusion Tables.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Sales Certified on Platform, Middleware, Virtualisation and Storage
  • MongoDB for Python Programmers, MongoDB for DBAs Certified (both 100% marks with Distinction)
  • Historically VMware VSP, Citrix CCSP, Novell SUSE Sales Professional certified
  • Experience of Mailchimp, SQL Services Reporting Services, Google Analytics, Google Adwords along the journey

Based in Goring, Reading, UK, but available to assist anywhere in the UK (or beyond) as needed. Please contact Ian Waring at [email protected]